Granite Slabs for Toronto Countertops

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Granite Slabs: Toronto’s #1 Choice

Granite slabs for Toronto countertops are first choice for kitchen renovations. Learn how to choose a granite slab.
A recent survey polled Torontonians about preferred materials in homebuilding. Not surprisingly, a majority of respondents named two elements as top choices: hardwood floors and granite countertops. Both of these natural materials bring warmth and elegance to any home. In this article, we’ll examine granite slab countertops, and the best way to choose them if you live in the Greater Toronto Area.

Visit a Showroom

If you want to install a granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need a fabricator. Your contractor can recommend a fabricator, or, if you don’t have a contractor, you can do some online research, as well as get recommendations from family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers.
If your fabricator suggests that you choose a granite slab by looking at small sample blocks of stone, decline politely. Many homeowners do select countertops this way, but it can be deceptive. Granite is a natural stone, and each slab is unique. An igneous rock, granite formed thousands of years ago when magma cooled between layers of the earth. Its two principal components are quartz and feldspar. The type of feldspar, along with whatever accessory minerals are mixed into the stone, give granite its colour. For example, the presence of iron oxide can give a granite slab a reddish appearance; serpentine adds green.
If you select a granite slab after seeing only a small sample block, you may discover that the entire slab looks quite different. Granite often has variations in pattern and colour. You may select a light grey sample with tiny black flecks, only to discover that the colour on the entire slab ranges from light grey to very dark grey, or that the black accents in places are very prominent. In this scenario, you will end up with a much darker countertop than you’d expected after viewing the sample.
The best way to choose a countertop is to find an importer/distributor of fine stone that maintains a large showroom. Visiting a showroom can be a great way to see what’s available, narrow your choices, and learn more about granite. You may be amazed by the large selection available to you!
Once you’ve decided on a slab, you can "tag” or reserve it. The stone importer will fax the information about the chosen slab to your fabricator, who will then order it for you.

Rocking Your Kitchen

Once your granite countertop is installed, you will need to maintain its seal, but this is an infrequent task. In fact, it generally takes less than an half hour once a year. (Simply clean the counter, apply sealant, leave it on for fifteen minutes, and then wipe it off.)
Granite is an extremely hard, very durable surface. The natural stone catches light and reflects it back, giving it a beauty and depth unmatched by any synthetic material. Granite is versatile, able to complement any style of interior design. A granite countertop adds a timeless elegance to your home. Also, granite is very practical, providing you with a heat resistant, scratch resistant countertop that can be the hub of any kitchen.
Visit a stone showroom today and find the perfect granite slab for your home!